Summer in the Green Hub

In mid-Spring, student constructed new vegetable beds and planted herbs and vegetables such as basil, mint, melissa, verbena, eggplant, melon, tomatoes. Using drip irrigation, an Israeli technological development, we are able to keep caring for the garden even during the hot summer months. This summer, the herbs are thriving! The herb bed: melissa, mint, lemongrass... Continue Reading →

Finding Our Generation’s Role Models and Sustainability Leaders

Co-written by Dana Kharaz (student) and Lindsey Zemler (EMIS Sustainability Coordinator) Each year, EMIS students embark on a “Mission Trip” to explore the two main aspects of our school’s mission: peace and environmental sustainability. Every two years, the field trip takes place in Jerusalem, which is located just over an hour’s drive away from EMIS,... Continue Reading →

GREEN UP! DAY: “Paths to Change” at EMIS

On Thursday, February 18th EMIS held the biggest school-wide environmental sustainability event of the year.  All grades participated in a variety of workshops and learned about the role of sustainability and environmentalism in the areas of; science & technology, art, activism & advocacy & media, education & social organizations, and zero-waste & Waste Management. The event started with an inspiring Q&A session... Continue Reading →


“Is promoting recycling at our school effective in addressing solid waste issues?” This question came up during a Green Team meeting, a weekly gathering of 20 EMIS students who are motivated to increase solutions to environmental sustainability issues both campus and globally.  Green Team students meet weekly and discuss environmental issues. The students know that... Continue Reading →


African Cultural Week (January 2021) This year’s African cultural week started out with a dynamic, fund and colorful opening ceremony. Students divided the presentation into regions to display the diversity of Africa and not only talk about the countries where they are from.  Students and staff learned some interesting facts. Did you know that South Africa... Continue Reading →

Awareness Week – “Consent”

This year, our students have organised something new in the community. We have an Awareness Committee! This Committee was made to educate about topics like consent, gender and biology in our community. And our first awareness week is Consent Week! The week started with a lecture by one of our teacher, she explained the concept... Continue Reading →


On September 18th – September 20th during the first weekend of the winter break, Green Team and Green Up organized a Green Weekend event for EMIS. The weekend started out with the educational and eye-opening movie “Before the flood”. We served sustainable hot chocolate and learned about possibilities to tackle climate change. After the movie, Christmas music... Continue Reading →

Leadership academy night

The last Thursday was without a doubt a special Thursday. It was amazing to see how hard the students worked to prepare the first EMIS Leadership Academy event for this year! It was a nice evening, and a lot of students came to the stables to watch the event opening ceremony, presented by Juliana, DP2... Continue Reading →

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